Special Offers


May is .....


Flea Awareness!

10% off Flea Treatment for Cats and Dog

(minimum 4 treatments,



June is .....


Vaccination Amnesty

Are you ready for your Summer Holidays?

Are your Pets up-to-date with their vaccinations?

Discounted re-start vaccines  during the month of June



July is .....


Rabbit Month

Book a Free Nurse appointment to see your Happy Hopper

10% off Rearguard,for Fly Strike Prevention 




August is .....


Keep your pet's Worm Free

10% off Drontal wormer offer for  Cats and Dogs





September is .....


"Pets Smile month"

Come and see our Nurses for your Free dental check up at 

"fresh breath club"





October is .....


Petrified pets! 

Fireworks if your pet is frightened 

come and see our Nurses for free advice at this

scary time of the year