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Supporting Cramar Cat Rescue and SanctuaryTim the cat

Cramar Veterinary Practice was set up using a legacy very kindly left to the charity. We not only provide an excellent service to all our clients we also provide medical care for all the cats that are looked after by Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.

At any one time the rescue can be looking after around 60 cats that are waiting to find kind and loving homes and over 120 cats that, for one reason or another, are unable to be rehomed and are cared for in our Paddocks where their every need is catered for.

Every year we experience a massive rise of cats needing our help due to pregnant queens and unwanted kittens. Cramar Veterinary Practice vaccinates, neuters and looks after any health complaints these cats may be suffering.

To enable us to carry out the work with the rescue cats all profits from the Veterinary Practice and Cramar Luxury Boarding facilities are reinvested in the charity. Without our clients none of this would be possible.

Click here to go to the Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary homepage where you can look at the facilities, view the cats that need homes, the cats in the paddocks or see how you can help - volunteers are always very much appreciated.